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About Us

My company is based on the belief that our Customer's needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I am a professional Dog Groomer who does much more than just keep your pets looking and smelling nice. As a Dog Groomer I can be an important member of a pet's healthcare team by discovering potential problems early, such as ear infections, skin abnormalities, tooth decay or parasites.

I have been a professional groomer for over 10 years, but I have now opened a small in home grooming salon, and work by timed appointments only. This way I can work exclusively on your furry family member, without the normal interruptions of a store front. Bringing your dog to Barks and Bubbles is less stressful on them. They will not have to stay in a cage all day or be in an environment with lots of barking dogs. I take my time with them while being kind, patient, and loving.

I am a full service dog grooming salon. I do everything from nail trimming only to full grooming. If you are not sure what fur style will best fit for your dog, I will gladly give some suggestions. I offer three grooming packages, Bath and Brush, Face, Feet & Fanny, and Full Grooming. I use a variety of shampoo and conditioners, all safe and natural, so I can select the best grooming products for your dog’s needs.


Bath and Brush Start at $20.00 plus tax depending on the size of the dog Includes: Nail Trim, Pads Shaved, Bath (2 Shampoo Washes- 1 Conditioner), Teeth Brushed, Hand Blow Dry, Comb Out, Bow/Bandanna/Neck Tie/and Perfumed Cologne.

Feet, Face, and Fanny Start at $30.00 plus tax, depending on the size of the dog

Includes: Nail Trim, Pads Shaved, Cut and clean between the eyes, Neaten Face, Bath (2 Shampoo Washes – 1 Conditioner), Anal Gland Expressed, Teeth Brushed, Hand Blow Dry, Fanny Sanitary Trim, Trim up Feet Area, Final Comb Out,Bow/Bandanna/Neck Ties/ and Perfumed Cologne.

Full Groom Start at $40.00 plus tax depending on the size of the dog

Includes: Nails Trim, Pads Shaved, Ears Cleaned, Clean Face and Eye Area, Clean Fanny and Belly Area, Comb Out Minor Mats, Anal Gland Expressed, Add Inner Ear Cleaner, Brush the Teeth, Bath (2 Shampoo Washes – 1 Conditioner) Hand Blow Dry, Haircut of Your Choice, Ear Powder, Mouthwash, and Perfumed Cologne, Bows/Bandanna/Neck Ties

The whole grooming process usually takes about two to three hours. I would recommend that you drop off your dog and I will give you a call as soon as he/she is ready for pick up, but if you would rather stay with your pet, I have a nice area where you can wait for them. Just think how many more hugs and kisses you will give your pet when they feel and smell so much better. Please call and make an appointment today. 913-586-5138.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


34193 West 90th Circle

De Soto, KS. 66018


Tues - Fri: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Sat: 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Sun - Mon: Closed

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